Tome of Battle to Path of War Conversion

In order to unify the systems of Tome of Battle and Path of War there's some changes that need to be made.

All maneuvers have a fixed number of prerequisite maneuvers of the same discipline based on their level. 1st and 2nd level maneuvers have no prereqs, 3rd and 4th maneuvers have 1 prereq, 5th and 6th and 7th maneuvers have 2 prereqs, 8th maneuvers have 3 prereqs, and 9th maneuvers have 4 prereqs.

Every initiator has one initiating stat, this determines the save DCs for any maneuver that requires a save, rather than the stat listed in the description. For Warblade this is Intelligence, for Crusader this is Charisma, and for Swordsage this is Wisdom.

The Martial Training feat line replaces Martial Study and Martial Stance for non-initiators who wish to learn maneuvers, and Advanced Study does the same for those with at least 4 levels in an initiating class.

Disciplines Known

For the purposes of what disciplines an initiator knows certain disciplines are considered equivalent. This means a Path of War initiator can instead know a Tome of Battle discipline, or vice versa. Once the choice of what disciplines an initiator knows is chosen they can not be changed unless they know no maneuvers of that discipline and choose to use their once per level retraining option. The following are equivalent disciplines:
Desert Wind = Solar Wind or Elemental Flux
Devoted Spirit = Silver Crane or Black Seraph or Iron Tortoise
Diamond Mind = Mithral Current
Iron Heart = Scarlet Throne
Setting Sun = Broken Blade
Shadow Hand = Veiled Moon or Steel Serpent
Stone Dragon = Primal Fury
Tiger Claw = Thrashing Dragon
White Raven = Golden Lion

In addition to the above any initiator can use a Martial Tradition to gain access to some disciplines.

Discipline Skills and Weapons

Each discipline now has three associated weapon groups. Using a maneuver with an associated weapon adds +2 to the DC if any, and certain feats use these as well. When a Swordsage gains Weapon Focus from the Discipline Focus ability it applies to one weapon group of his chosen discipline. Each discipline also has an associated skill that applies to certain feats and maneuvers.
Desert Wind - Light blades (and the scimitar), hammers, and spears. Acrobatics.
Devoted Spirit - Heavy blades, hammers, and close. Intimidate.
Diamond Mind - Light blades, heavy blades, and spears. Autohypnosis.
Iron Heart - Axes, heavy blades, and double. Acrobatics.
Setting Sun - Light blades, close, and monk. Sense Motive.
Shadow Hand - Light blades, monk, and polearms. Stealth.
Stone Dragon - Axes, heavy blades, and hammers. Acrobatics.
Tiger Claw - Light blades, natural, and monk. Acrobatics.
White Raven - Heavy blades, polearms, and hammers. Diplomacy.


Knowledge (Martial) replaces Martial Lore.
Discipline Focus does not stack with Blade Meditation.
The discipline skill for Diamond Mind is now Autohypnosis, but when initiating maneuvers you may use your Constitution modifier in place of Wisdom. For the purposes of Martial Training your Wisdom score is still the initiating stat.
For any other effects, use Path of War in preference to Tome of Battle.