Stormlight Abilities

Radiant Progression

LVL CL SP (+CAM) Talents
1 0 2 2
2 1 3 3
3 2 4 4
4 3 5 5
5 3 7 5
6 4 8 6
7 5 9 7
8 6 10 8
9 6 12 8
10 7 13 9
11 8 14 10
12 9 15 11
13 9 17 11
14 10 18 12
15 11 19 13
16 12 20 14
17 12 22 14
18 13 23 15
19 14 24 16
20 15 25 17

Stormlight: Stormlight is effectively spell points, it recovers per Highstorm, you can also store Stormlight in broams (gems worth 500 gold/chips) but this does not let you exceed your maximum spell points per day. When using an ability that costs Stormlight, you can attempt to steal from a creature within 30ft with failed Fort save 10+.5lvl+CAM, as a free action as part of using the ability. A successful save prevents the ability from being used.  If the ability is a free action, a successful save prevents further use of that ability for one round.

You can gain an extra use per day and per encounter of a healing surge for 1 SP, and you can also spend 1 SP to use any function of a healing surge as a free action; you can combine these uses.

2nd Ideal: A knight radiant of the second ideal gains +1 caster level to one sphere up to a maximum of their HD, can choose one general drawback for the purpose of boons or bonus spellpoints, can identify use of stormight or if anyone has used stormlight powers within 24 hours with a Spellcraft check DC 15+CL/2.  Also you can have your spren function as an implement for ABP bonuses, providing the bonus to one sphere of your choice, this can not be used as an offhand or apply a bonus to an offhand if used in this fashion.

3rd Ideal: A knight radiant of the third ideal gains an additional +1 caster level to one sphere up to a maximum of their HD. When using their spren as an implement it provides its bonus to two spheres. You can now ID anyone who possess stormlight powers or potential with a DC 20+HD/2 Spellcraft check. You can now imbue marks with stormlight. Marks can be imbued with a sphere ability at the cost+1, the imbue lasts 24 hours, if used with a damaging ability the mark can be thrown with a range increment 20ft, this consumes the Mark regardless if used, a Mass targets nearest creatures in range.  The action to use a Mark is the same as the action to use the sphere effect imbued within, though the mark must be in hand.  If the sphere ability is used, the mark is consumed, otherwise it can be imbued again after 24 hours.

Spren: You have a bonded spren that grants you radiant abilities. Spren are normally ethereal, and can perceive and communicate only with their bonded creature. For 1 minute per HD per day (1 minute increments), as a free action, you can have your spren (or your spren can choose on its own) manifest as an incorporeal creature with half your hit points.

Radiant Orders: