Steampunk Adventure

The Setting

You'll be starting in the Kingdom of Yuncia, a powerful island nation at the center of the known world. Yuncia is well known for its technological advantage, possessing steam ships and locomotives, advanced guns, and even zepplins. The culture of Yuncia is similar to England at the end of the 19th century. Yuncia is ruled by Queen Isabella III and the Council of Twelve, from the capital of Urgaz. Although primarily a human nation, Yuncia is very cosmopolitain with races and ethnicities from around the world.

To begin with, you will be working for the Belltimber Blades, a paramilitary and private investigator organization. Their headquarters are in Mopera on the southeast coast of Yuncia.

The Story So Far

Session 1

The party met with their commander in the Belltimber Blades named Hajad, who informed them that a doctor in Lopercos named Marigold Kalestis. So they hopped on a train to Lopercos, but along the way a group of orcs and half-orcs from the Orc Liberation Front attempted to hijack the train. The orcs were not well armed and the party dispatched them easily, sparing two and turning them over to the authorities. In Lopercos they met with an officer of the watch who was not very helpful but let them into Marigold's house, they found little there and headed to the hospital she worked out. They found some inconsistencies in a body she was to perform an autopsy on and concluded the body had been replaced by another. They contacted Marigold via sending and found she was in hiding and told them to find the Tiefling man. They found there were only two known Tieflings in town, and focused on one named Giovanni, who they found was active at night. After staking out his house for almost a full day with no sign of him, Canas broke into his house with Otep. 39% experience gained, level 3.39.

Session 2

Inside Giovanni's house they found two imps who fired off wands of Scorching Ray at the two, proving tough to defeat until Enoch and Short Round joined the battle. A woman was also upstairs and tried to chop up the party with a greataxe. After defeating and interrogating them, the party learned that Giovanni was a leader of a cult of Mephistopheles and was sacrificing people in town to summon devils. They went to his secret underground temple and waged another battle against the cult and their devil allies. The party had trouble entering the underground temple through the narrow ladder, and Giovanni and a Bearded Devil proved dangerous, several party members almost died, including to succumbing to some friendly fire, but they eventuall prevailed. They freed the two civilians that were going to be sacrificed and returned to the police, informing them of the cult and contacting Marigold. After wrapping up business in Lopercos they returned to Mopera where they signed on to an exploratory resource gathering expedition. 56% experience gained, level 3.95.

Session 3

The party set off with Leonidas Brown of the Millwood Company into the foothills of the Skykeeper Mountains. There they stood guard while the workers did some logging, that night they were assaulted by several animals, one of which had a sign telling them to leave the forest. The next night were several beheaded effigies, and after some searching they found tracks belonging to a dryad. Again at night they were attacked, this time by the dryad herself with some allies, she escaped while her allies were slain. Lacking a good plan to find the dryad, they moved forward with more mining. The next day they broke into a cave system, the party went inside to investigate and fought some spiders. 26% experience gained, level 4.21.