Sothis, City of the Pharaoh

The Beginning

Osirion has a long and storied history, its foundation dates to when the Spawn of Rovagug Ulunat was defeated by the first Pharaoh and the city of Sothis was founded at its base. At one time ruling over much of the continent of Garund, for nearly 5,000 years the empire was unopposed. Eventually, Osirion was conquered by outside forces, and the culture mixed with that of its conquerors, its control shrank to the ancient lands around the river Sphinx. But 100 years ago a Pharoh returned to Osirion, and overthrew the Keleshite conquerors leading Osirion to freedom for the first time in over 3,000 years. Now the third of the returned Pharaohs, Khemet III rules, and many believe Osirion is entering a new golden age.

The Setting

Sothis is the heart and soul of Osirion, most of the country's trade passes through the city, and since the Pharaoh and his council live there all control of the country extends from the city. The city boasts ancient architecture dating back many millennia, including the royal Palace of the Forthbringer inside the shell of Ulunat called the Black Dome. The oldest and most important temple to Nethys is found in the city, as are massive temples to Pharasma and Sarenrae. The city is also renowned for its impressive Malhitu Bazaar where nearly any item in the world can be found.

You will be working for the Aspis Consortium, an international trade organization with its Garund headquarters in Sothis. Their goal is the acquisition of interesting items for their clients, in Osirion that is often ancient relics dating from the Osirian empire.

The Story So Far

Session 1

The heroes met with Julia Flavius, a gold agent of the Aspis Consortium. She informed them of a mission to recover a platinum bust in the ruins of Tumen to the east of Sothis, for a sizable pay. The heroes set out to Tumen on camels, and encountered some flaming spiders they easily dealt with. Moving inside the massive pyramid temple of Nethys, they decided to rest for the night but were ambushed by some undead. Afterwards, they found a trap door leading to a trapped door that proved difficult to deal with, but eventually they made it past. Inside was an inscription they failed to read, leading to a fight with some stone guardians. Finally, they made it to the back of the secret room and came face to face with a large group of undead. 37% experience gained, level 3.37.

Session 2

The heroes fought the group of undead inside the temple, one of which was holding the platinum bust, which turned out to be a depiction of Urgathoa, the goddess of undeath. The leader of the undead used the bust to remove Khepri's soul from her body, but it seemed to be tethered to the bust now. After looting the temple vault they returned to Sothis with the spirit in tow, and went to the Aspis Consortium. Khepri's spirit caused a stir in town, and the priests of Pharasma arrived to deal with it. After a diplomatic confrontation the heroes were able to convince the priests to restore Khepri to life and leave without the platinum bust. Khepri and Duncan went to the temple of Sarenrae where they informed the priests of the bust, and found out a little information about it, that it was something called the Dark Purpose of Urgathoa. They also found out a group of thieves called the Wind Serpents were after the Dark Purpose, and went to the Consortium to stop them, and while they managed to kill the thieves, Ghazaad the patron of the Consortium and the Dark Purpose were gone. 49% experience gained, level 3.86.

Session 3

Julia tasked the heroes with investigating the Wind Serpent hideout, but since their resources were taxed they decided to rest instead. In the morning they found a commotion at the Wind Serpent hideout, and reporting to Julia they discovered she had raided it with other members of the Consortium, and was very displeased with the group. She told them the Dark Purpose was not in the hideout, and tasked them with finding it if they wished to remain in the Consortium. They did some investigating and found some shady individuals had left the city via barge, and chased them down on camels. A fight ensued and the heroes were victorious, and the Dark Purpose was found on one of the bodies. They disagreed on where to take it, so Khepri raced back to town to marshal the temple of Pharasma, while Yaseen did the same with the Consortium. The Consortium managed to intercept the Dark Purpose with a powerful mage named Ebrietas, who took it and left. Yaseen was rewarded for his efforts, and the heroes reconciled over some drinks. 43% experience gained, level 4.29.

Session 4

The heroes spent some downtime doing various tasks around the city before going to the Hall of Heroes to find some jobs. They considered various offers before deciding to help a scholar named Ali Ahmendi, who was investigating the ancient temples of Pharaoh Ahn. These temples were created entirely from precious gems, and were part of the pharoah's attempt to become a god, before he disappeared in the desert. Ali tasked the group with finding the pharaoh's notes on stone stelae inside the emerald pyramid, with a bonus if they had to go into the other pyramids to find the notes. They left via ship from Sothis, and were attacked along the way by river drakes. On making it to An they set it out on camels, but were assaulted by giant snakes led by a mad hermit. 28% experience gained, level 4.57.

Session 5

After a short journey the heroes arrived at the gem temples of Pharoah Ahn and met a Crystallis there named Aug, who wanted to dismantle and eat the temples. He reported on various happenings around the temples in the past few years. They then went inside and started exploring, having some trouble with the Symbol spells that were guarding various parts of the temple. Eventually they ran into a group of Djinn that had imprisoned an elven woman named Melara, and were using her to sire a god. They fought and defeated the Djinn, and investigated the area finding several spells enscribed in stone tablets guarded by an extraplanar being calling itself Watcher. Afterwards they decided to take Melara back to Sothis, where they turned over what information they had to Ali Ahmendi and headed back to the temples. 38% experience gained, level 4.95.

Session 6

The heroes met an old man having some trouble with dire rats on the way back to the temples, and quickly cleared them out, and spent the night at his farmhouse where he gave them a divination with some "special" tea. Moving on, they went back to investigating the temple, where they encountered some undead workers and dealt with them. They found some more tablets detailing Pharaoh Ahn's attempts at some sort of magical alignment. Further up they found a sealed vault and talked Watcher into opening it, which unleashed a bunch of undead on the heroes. Though they defeated them, Levetree was slain by a ghoul dire wolf while paralyzed. Fortunately, they were able to use one of the spell tablets from the temple to restore him to life. Above the vault they found where Watcher was imprisoned by a summoning circle carved into the floor. They went back to the city An to buy some emerald dust to put into the floor to free him, which they did on returning to the temple. Finally making it to the top floor, they found it guarded by a Planetar who ordered them to halt. 31% experience gained, level 5.26.

Session 7

The Planetar, named Xothos, explained he was there of his own free will guarding something he claimed was important and dangerous. After some discussion he allowed the heroes to explore the side rooms on the top floor, where they found a final journal entry by Pharaoh Ahn. They then left and headed back to An to cure Watcher of his intelligence drain, where he informed the heroes of some of Pharaoh Ahn's goals somehow involving Titans and experimenting with turning outsiders into undead. They then returned to exploring the temples, first the Ruby temple where they encountered the shadowy figure they had heard much about, who threatened to kill them and so they retreated. The Diamond temple was just one giant open space with a ball of positive and negative energy, the Sapphire temple was filled with sand, and so they explored the Topaz temple. Early on they encountered a magical barrier and so split up, but a Symbol of Fear split them up even more, with Rolo being waylaid by some skeletons. On the way to find Rolo, Khepri and Levetree found a device that switched their minds into each other's bodies. Though Rolo was rescued before being turned undead, the heroes were trapped on the other side of the magical barrier and so rested in the temple, where they were attacked by more undead. 54% experience gained, level 5.80.

Session 8

Khepri found herself afflicted by mummy rot, and so the heroes rushed back to An to get her cured. Unfortunately, she succumbed to the disease, which was complicated by her being in Levetree's body. They traveled the rest of the way back to Sothis, and since Khepri did not want to be brought back to life, they killed Levetree who was in Khepri's body, then resurrected him in his own body. A funeral was held for Khepri, and they met with Ali Ahmendi and turned in the information they found in the gem temples. He was interested in the magical formulae contained therein, but needed several weeks to research them. The heroes decided to look for more work, ending up at the Hall of Heroes again, they joined forces with an orc named Rafeeq. They decided to take a job hunting down a serial killer. After some investigating they went into the sewers and found the killer, but could not best him in combat. After organizing a failed manhunt they did more searching of the sewers and found the killer again. This time talking to him, they found he had been driven mad by a goblin attack. 42% experience gained, level 6.22.

Session 9

They brought the serial killer to a temple, and after being cured he surrendered to the watch. After that they took some downtime, before meeting up with Ali again. They went to the Ahmendi family tomb, and after defeating some enemies they found a ghost who wanted them to kill some harpies, as it had been killed by harpies. They did so, then returned and Ali read the book they found in Vizier Ahmendi's tomb, and used that to determine the password to the Planetar guarding the top of the emerald temple. The heroes then returned to the emerald temple, and found a surprising sight at the top. Inside was a massive Danava Titan in stasis and a key to Rovagug's prison. Seeking more information on what Pharaoh Ahn was doing with these, they went back to the ruby temple to read the tablets guarded by the shadowy figure they had seen earlier. Unfortunately he inflicted the heroes with a massive amount of negative levels and dominated Levetree into revealing what they were doing there, so the heroes rushed back to the emerald temple and made off with the key to Rovagug's prison. 48% experience gained, level 6.70.

Session 10

The heroes brought the key to the temple of Sarenrae, where it was put in the vault. On resting, they received a warning from the Watcher that a great evil was going to awaken soon in Sothis. They suspected it was Melara's baby, and since she was almost due brought her to the temple of Sarenrae as well. A day later Melara's health began to decline greatly, so they performed surgery to remove the baby and the infant turned out to be a qlipploth, it put up a tough fight but they killed it and destroyed the body. Duncan decided he'd had enough, and just wanted to take care of Melara and guard the key. So a priest of Pharasma named Lucas joined the group in his place. The heroes then went to the Pathfinder society to seek work, taking on an introductory mission to defeat some gnolls that were harrassing a dwarven city in the south of Osirion. 39% experience gained, level 7.09.

Session 11

The heroes headed south the Ipeq, and afterwards ran into some Formians in the desert, defeating them. Then they headed to Oe-tet to meet with the Pahmet dwarves, meeting a soldier named Iresh who promised them a reward should they eliminate all the gnolls at the Bone Garden, an old graveyard. After stocking up, they headed to the east to the Bone Garden. Finding it well defended, they decided to head in at night under invisibility. Unfortunately Levetree found it hard to see at night, and the gnolls heard the approach and were well prepared. A difficult battle ensued but the heroes proved victorious and they made their way further into the Bone Garden. 28% experience gained, level 7.37.

Session 12

At the center of the Bone Garden the heroes found an army of gnolls awaiting them, as well as many skeletons. As the battle ensused a gnoll priest told them this was Urgathoa's domain, and used a glove she was wearing to raise more skeletons. After the battle, the glove was identified as the Sinister Purpose of Urgathoa. The heroes investigated the area, finding an old desecrated temple of Pharasma, and inside a hidden trapped compartment was a very fancy looking holy symbol. They did a large patrol around the Bone Garden to pick off straggler gnolls, then headed down a pit in the middle of the gnoll settlement. Inside was a priest of Lamashtu and her monstrous subjects. They also found many defenseless gnoll women who were being used as hosts to create more monsters, and Rafeeq slew them. 39% experience gained, level 7.76..

Session 13

The heroes returned to Sothis, where they entrusted the Sinister Purpose with the temple of Pharasma. They met with Ali who told them of his meeting with the Pharaoh who was very interested in finding out what the shadowy figure in the gem temples of Pharaoh Ahn was guarding. They then went to the Pathfinder society, where the heroes were welcomed as full fledged Pathfinders. They decided to take a new mission, this time to investigate a silver obelisk that appeared in the middle of the desert. They set out on their camels, and after some travel they ran into a group who turned hostile when they mentioned the obelisk. By the end of the fight the heroes managed to sway two of the enemies to their side, and on talking with them found that they were working for a powerful spellcaster who was trying to get treasure from the rooms surrounding the obelisk. 34% experience gained, level 8.10.

Session 14

The heroes rested then moved on to the silver obelisk, with a plan for diplomacy that broke down when they got hit with a fireball. The battle started with the focus on the Spellweaver pummeling the heroes with spells. but after wearing him down their Kineticist friend landed a powerful hit on him and he teleported away. They found the obelisk was surrounded by rooms filled with treasure, and on the obelisk was on a riddle. Seeing that one of the rooms had a magic item inside, Lucas tried to go inside and was instantly disintegrated. After his death they spent some time puzzling over the riddle, but without any success they headed back towards Sothis. 23% experience gained, level 8.33.

Session 15

On their way back to Sothis the heroes encountered a group of efreets in the desert, who were not too pleased with their presence there. After some conversation the efreets agreed not to kill the heroes if they would go kill some dark elves for them. They found the dark elf settlement, but no sign of the elves until they were attacked by invisible creatures. The battle was very difficult without Lucas, but they managed to kill two of the elves, which turned out to be some sort of fey creature instead, while the third fled. They tracked him down to a cave and finished him off too. Inside one of the buildings they found an unconscious nymph, who they brought back to the efreets, who offered a wish in trade for the nymph. The heroes agreed and so Lucas was wished back to life. On returning to Sothis they consulted with Ali, who gave them a possible answer to the riddle fo the silver obelisk. And so they returned to the obelisk, looted the treasure, but ran into the Spellweaver again, who attempted to obliterate the heroes with repeated fireballs, but he was overwhelmed and defeated. The heroes went back to Sothis once again to wait for the destruction of the Sinister Purpose of Urgathoa. 59% experience gained, level 8.92.

Session 16

While waiting for the destruction of the Sinister Purpose, the heroes spent some downtime, but before it was destroyed they were awoken in the night by the sound of an explosion. Rushing to the temple of Sarenrae where the artifact was kept, the heroes found the temple devastated by a huge crater. The heroes pulled some people out of the ruins and tended to the injured, and found that the Sinister Purpose was stolen. A single witness was located, and the heroes went to find him but they were attacked by daemons and the witness was slain and his soul stolen. The heroes consulted with Mahmoud and he directed them to a daemon cult in the desert, so after resting the heroes headed out there. There they found a large temple surrounded by small homes, and the cultists had a large number of daemons with them. The fight was long but the heroes pervailed. 50% experience gained, level 9.42.

Session 17

The heroes caputred all the cultists near the daemon temple, and brought them back to Sothis, preaching to them the error of their ways on the journey back. Most were very repentant and turned to worship of Pharasma, and so they were set free. The eye witness was brought back to life and told the heroes he saw a portal filled with positive and negative energy then the scythe wielding shadowy figure and a strange monster take the Sinister Purpose and the key to Rovagug's prison. While pondering which path to pursue the heroes were approached by a strange woman named Illurien who in exchange for some information told them the key was taken by a Qlippoth to an abyssal rift near the coast. So the heroes headed to the rift, finding it guarded by some Qlippoth that they slew, and passed into the abyss. They found an abyssal city, but were so tired they headed back towards the rift. 48% experience gained, level 9.90.

Session 18

While headed back to the rift the heroes were spotted by several flying abyssal creatures, they managed to avoid them, but the creatures followed through the rift; so the heroes battled and defeated them. They returned to Sothis where they consulted with Ali Ahmendi about the city they found, finding it was called Is'Vas Zogroth on the Domain of Rotting Flesh. They left Sothis to return to the rift, but while resting they encountered two hag-like creatures with two demons, and decided to slay them. 28% experience gained, level 10.18.

Session 19

The heroes went back through the abyssal rift and following some tracks to be sure they made it to Is'Vas Zogroth. There they were approached by a Qlippoth named Millith who told them this was his city, and after some negotiations were allowed to explore in search of the shadowy figure or the key. They went under the city and found another Qlippoth who told them the shadowy figure they're looking for is named Vashar, and that he already left, but after some more exploring they found the key inside a giant stomach that was guarded by several Qlippoth. They slew the Qlippoth and took the key and another artifact that was kept there, but the chamber soon flooded with acid and were forced to flee. Before planeshifting out Rafeeq went back to save a slave who approached them earlier, but a massive angry Qlippoth was nearby, and they couldn't avoid fighting him. Unfortunately Rafeeq and the slave were swallowed by the creature and the others decided to planeshift away before they met a similar fate. 40% experience gained, level 10.58.

Session 20

The heroes found themselves in the south of Sothis after the planeshift, and seeking a way to cure Yaseen of some eggs that had been implanted in him by the Qlippoth they traveled to An. There they sent a Sending to Ali, but Ali failed to help and directed them towards a gnome named Rava Hollysharp who helped out the group and soon joined it. Since they were in the south, the group decided to continue the mission they had taken from the Pathfinders to track down an evil artifact that had passed through Ipeq. They headed there and met with the Pathfinder Arsanna, who said some people had been in town meeting with diabolists. The heroes attacked the devil worshippers mansion and killed them, interrogating the manservant they found evidence the group had left to the east, and so followed their tracks. Before finding them they stopped to rest and were assaulted by some bandits, but the heroes proved victorious. 42% experience gained, level 11.00.

Session 21

The heroes continued following the tracks, finding a small group of buildings hidden in the mountains between Osirion and Katapesh. They assaulted the guards outside the buildings, killing four of them before Rava called for the battle to halt, realizing that these people were no devil worshippers. After the cessation of hostilities they spoke with the leader of the people named Kong Sho, finding that he was a priest of Nethys who predicted a great calamity to befall Golarion sometime in the near future. In order to predict what this calamity would be, he and his followers sold their souls to a devil for an artifact they thought who reveal the future to them, but it turned out to do no such thing. The heroes left Kong Sho on neutral terms, asking him to contact them if he learned more. They made their way back to Ipeq, and then headed on to Sothis where they took a new mission from the Pathfinders, this time to investigate an ancient temple in the volcano Sokar's Boil. On the way there though, they planned to check out one of the sites of potential daemonic activity around Osirion. 53% experience gained, level 11.53.

Session 22

The heroes assaulted the daemonic church, landing on the roof and slaying some daemons and cultists. Inside the church they heard ritual sacrifices going on, but did not intervene in time to stop it. The cultists summoned a powerful daemon named Rangrix the Flayer, who proved a very difficult opponent. Rangrix slew Rolo with a single spell, and almost did the same to Yaseen, but Ali intervened with a timely counterspell, and then the heroes counterattacked and slew Rangrix. Inside the church they found an artifact called the Well of Abbadon which captures souls and summons daemons. Some of the heroes went back to Sothis for the materials necesary to destroy the artifact, then returned and Lucas successfully cast the spells necessary and the artifact crumbled. 34% experience gained, level 11.87.

Session 23

The heroes decided that before heading to Sokar's Boil, they needed to figure out an answer to the riddle inside the temple. They headed to an ancient city inhabited by Sphinxes, where they met an Androsphinx named Kamet, who told them an ancient mummy had been raising undead from tombs in the city, and at that moment some undead assaulted the Sphinxes' eggs. The heroes sprung to the defense and defeated the undead, and the grateful Sphinx told them an answer to the riddle they had. So the heroes headed to the ancient temple in the volcano, but found it guarded by a Spirit Naga and some undead cyclopses. They defeated the undead, and the Naga surrendered, there was some contention over whether to spare her, and a charmed Rava teleported Yaseen away to spare the Naga. The heroes decided to fly back to Sothis to retrieve Rava and Yaseen, then return to the volcano. 44% experience gained, level 12.31.

Session 24

On returning to the temple the heroes headed further inside, unlocking the Obsidian door with Ali's help. Inside they found an angelic outsider named Kaelia, who had gone insane after being trapped inside for millenia. Lucas cured her insanity, and she told them of the golem guardians inside the temple. They fought the guardians and easily dispatched them, and found a vault loaded with treasure, in addition to a powerful artifact called the Heart of Flame. Taking the Heart caused the lava behind the temple to slowly move into the temple. Fleeing the temple, the heroes did not make it far before encountering a massive red dragon waiting for them, named Asuulek the Inferno, who wanted to know what they found inside. He took their money, and in order to pay for their lives he sent them to kill 2 trumpet archons who were killing his minions. The heroes met the archons who quickly killed Asuulek's minions, but decided to join with the archons to fight the dragon. The heroes and their allies set up an ambush and engaged Asuulek, the dragon fought back with his powerful breath, killing Rava (temporarily) but after a long combat he was slain. 52% experience gained, level 12.83.

Session 25

Ali returned to Sothis with Kaelia, and the trumpet archons departed. The heroes decided to track down the dragon's lair, but that night there was a strong earthquake and Kong Sho contacted them telling them the cataclysm he feared was coming to pass. Finding the dragon lair was underneath the lava of a volcano, the heroes decided to head back to Sothis. There they did some extensive shopping and found out that three spawn of Rovagug had emerged from the Pit of Gormuz. Afterwards they decided to head to Eto where they heard an item was being targeted by minions of Asuulek. They found a woman most likely had the item, and one turned up murdered soon after, they tracked down her killers but the fight proved extremely difficult and the killer escaped. 30% experience gained, level 13.13.

Session 26

The heroes returned to Eto where they brought their dead companions back to life. The heroes were contacted by Janhelia the Pharaoh's fire elemental vizier who wished to speak with them, so they headed back to Sothis. There Janhelia informed them she was very concerned by what Vashar might have discovered in the gem temples, particularly how to use the diamond temples massive energy source. Shortly after that they met with Illurien who informed them that a key to Rovagug's prison was located on the plane of air in a city called Aion. The heroes debated which route to pursue, but ultimately went to the gem temples. There they found the tables Vashar had amassed were completely destroyed, and at the top of the ruby temple was a powerful Lipika Aeon guarding something. They decided to leave the Aeon alone, and checked out the emerald temple, where they found both the guardian Xothos and the Danava Titan were gone. 40% experience gained, level 13.53.

Session 27

The heroes went to the Topaz temple where partway up they found an artificial forest guarded by two ghosts. The ghosts had been created by Vashar and asked the heroes to kill Vashar to free them, but to bypass them for now the heroes killed the ghosts temporarily. Inside the forest they found an orrery representing the temples at the middle and surrounded by the Astral, Postive and Negative, the Akashic Record, Abbadon, and the Dimension of Dreams planes. They found it moved part of the Material plane in relation to the other planes, and so working the levers until the planes were in alignment, they found that time had passed until they were 37 days in the future. They checked out the top floor and found two Arguses guarding some tablets, and decided not to deal with them. Having contacted Illurien they found that Vashar had used a third key on Rovagug's prison. They headed back to Sothis where Illurien informed them that she had located a key in Dis, before Vashar, and so the heroes headed there to secure it. 36% experience gained, level 13.89.

Session 28

The heroes arrived in Dis, and soon ran into an infernal tax collector, who they negotiated a reasonable fee for. Then with Rava leading they went to the Garden of Delights, where everyone except Lucas was granted their utmost desires, and decided to stay. Lucas planeshifted away and used his Bracelet of Friends to summon everyone to him. The heroes then flew back to Sothis, went back to Dis, and this time headed for the the cultists' hideout where the key was held. They talked their way into the hideout before engaging in combat. They found some of the cultists weren't dying, and realized the key was within their altar, and so broke it open and escaped back to Illurien's plane. Rava decided it would be best to take the key to the dragon Susurex, while Sothis was attacked by the Spawn of Rovagug. Susurex told them he had a powerful divination spell that could find the last key, but needed a skull of a nightshade and the heart of a powerful celestial to cast the spell. 66% experience gained, level 14.55.

Session 29

The heroes traveled south towards the Mwangi Expanse, along the way they ran into several Rakshasa which tried to blast them out of the sky. The heroes killed them, though one escaped. Then they erased the knowledge that Susurex had the key to Rovagug's prison from their minds. Afterwards they made it to the Expanse, where they performed some divinations to narrow down a location for a nightshade. They lay in wait for several hours for the nightshade to appear, and when it finally did there were two of them, a Nightwalker and a Nightwing. Still, the monsters were easily defeated by the heroes and after harvesting the skulls they teleported back to Sothis. 47% experience gained, level 15.02.

Session 30

Back in Sothis the heroes used Illurien's portals to travel back to Dis in order to find someone selling the heart of a celestial. Before they made it far though they ran into Calbalk the tax collector again. This time they decided to fight him, and despite several chances to surrender they kept fighting and lost, Rolo was slain and had most of his items taken, as well as Levetree's bow and Yaseen's sword. It wasn't long after the encounter when a pit fiend approached Rava, having learned she inquired about selling her soul in their last visit. After some negotiation Rava agreed to sell her soul to the devil in order to get the lost items back, as well as the celestial heart they were seeking. They returned to Susurex's home where the divination revealed the key was held by the dead Azlanti god Arala in the astral plane. Before going there the heroes decided to visit the gem temples again and clear out the top floors they had missed. They broke the enchantment on the arguses that were guarding the topaz temple and learned that the energy from the temples could break Rovagug's bonds even without two of the keys. 49% experience gained, level 15.51.

Session 31

The heroes decided that next they would clear out the ruby temple, attacking the Aeon at the top, they dealt with it pretty easily, but Rava grabbed the stone it was guarding and died to a trap, losing her soul to Hell. They teleported back to Sothis and confirmed it was impossible to restore Rava to life, so they sought a new party member at the Pathfinder Society, meeting Yanera who joined them and took them to the Astral plane. After some travel through the Astral, they were attacked by two githyanki riding astral dragons, the battle was difficult but the heroes prevailed. 31% experience gained, level 15.82.

Session 32

The heroes continued their travel through the astral plane, running into a spelljammer called the Skysurger run by elves from another world, their captain Nicodemus said that they were looking for some githyanki that stole their queen's scepter. The heroes agreed to help the Skysurger find the scepter if they would help the heroes find the key to Rovagug's prison. They found the dead god Arala, and when the heroes approached several shadow elementals and three shinigami started a fight. With the Skysurger bombarding the enemies from a distance, the heroes prevailed, but not before a shinigami killed Rolo, stole his soul, and teleported away. Afterwards, detecting that they key was in Arala's hands, Yanera punched them and Arala woke up and told them to go away. Not desiring to talk, the heroes assaulted her but she proved a difficult fight, cursing the heroes with impending doom. 14% experience gained, level 15.96.

Session 33

The battle with Arala continued, with the heroes weakening her until she dropped the key, Yanera grabbed the key and took off, and without its sustaining presence Arala died. A powerful psychopomp arrived and told them they needed to find Rolo's soul, which they deduced was in the Abyss. The heroes arranged a meeting with the Skysurger when they returned and the heroes headed off to the material plane to deposit the key. They brought it to Susurex where they also found a revived Rava, who did not wish to join them. Afterwards they planeshifted to the Abyss and landed in the middle of a fiendish gnoll city, and so they got into combat. 67% experience gained, level 16.63.