Save DCs: Certain scaling items have save DCs, and like most magic items, these don't scale. Unfortunately, when you have an item that requires the investment that scaling items do, and since they even have the word scaling in their name, you would expect some degree of scaling out of them. Therefore the save DC of any effect caused by a scaling item is instead 10 + 3/4 the most recently unlocked level.

Price: If the item does not grant bonuses affected by ABP (such as a resistance bonus to saves, or an enhancement bonus to attacks) use the value in this table to determine price at any level, unless it is less than an equivalent item would cost, in which case increase it to the same value. Otherwise, adjust the total price of the final item by removing any values affected by ABP then use the formula: Vs=(L/Ls)*(T-B), where L=the current level of the unlock available, Ls=the sum of the level unlocks at maximum level, T=the total value of the item, B=the base cost of the item, and Vs is the sum of the values at each level unlock plus the base cost. If the value increase at an unlock is more than the cost of an equivalent item at that level, subtract the difference and add that to T for further values.

For example: Armageddon Plate costs 267300 at level 20, but it has a +2 enhancement bonus that needs to be removed for ABP, since it's normally a +10 equivalent the difference between +8 is 36000, so the total price becomes 231300. The value of a level 6If the item has bonuses affected by ABP, remove their equivalent value at any level and then determine the price.