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In order to maintain a fun and balanced party classes of tier 1 and 2 are not allowed.  These classes are so versatile and powerful that they can very easily dominate any game, even unintentionally.  It is highly recommended that you pick a class of tier 3, and any role in the game can be found in a tier 3 class.  In order to provide the most options I have included a number of homebrew classes that fill certain roles that might otherwise be lacking choices in tier 3.  If there's a certain role or style of class you feel is lacking, talk to me and I can find a class or work with you to create a fun and interesting character.  To learn more about tier lists see here.

For classes, this includes both Pathfinder and 3.5 tier 3 classes, as well as some homebrew ones.  If you're not playing one of the homebrew classes hosted on this website then be sure to check the list of class changes as there are certain minor adjustments in effect. For Pathfinder classes, there are also 3rd party classes that I do not know very well, if you wish to play one of them (and believe it's roughly tier 3) talk to me and I'll check it out.  The other important factor is archetypes.  Archetypes are like alternate class features that every Pathfinder class has, overall these are very interesting and I highly encourage you to check them out and pick one if you like, but sometimes they change the tier.  If an archetype is so strong it bumps a class up to tier 2 or higher, I'm going to ban it, but this is extremely rare so don't worry much when picking your class.


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