Trouble in Nex

The Setting

Nex is an ancient and powerful country on the eastern coast of Garund, home to many of the world's masters of the arcane arts. These sages and mages have accumulated great wealth over the centures and millenia, and the capital of Quantium is perhaps the richest city in the world, especially in terms of magical treasures. The country itself was founded and named after the wizard-king Nex around six thousand years ago, and he ruled for roughly two thousand years with supreme power. During this time, the defining event in Nex's history was its war with its southern neighbor Geb, a devastating war of magic that raged for 1500 years. Though the war is long over, its effects can still be seen in the Mana Wastes that now separates the two countries, a blasted land of incredible magical pollution that has dampening and erratic effects on magic and creatures in the area.

Nex's culture is centered around Quantium, where the council of three and nine rules from the Bandeshar; the three remain static but the positions of the nine remain in flux and are heavily coveted. The city produces a large amount of magical items for trade, and its port is always busy. The city is renowed for the diversity and cosmopolitan nature of its populace, creatures that might be considered monsters elsewhere are welcome within the borders, so long as they act appropriately.


The Characters

You will be starting in Quantium at level 3 with 2000 gold to spend on items, you can be from anywhere in Golarion, native to Nex, or possibly from stranger places. You will be starting in the employ of Master Varen Da'Shar, a mage of moderate ability. You can be a recent hire or long time employee, but his tasks would be varied and generally involve seeking out items of interest, aiding him in magic (if you choose to be a caster), or dealing with rivals. Because this campaign will be very open ended, I recommend having a character with their own motivations.