Trouble in Nex

The Setting

Nex is an ancient and powerful country on the eastern coast of Garund, home to many of the world's masters of the arcane arts. These sages and mages have accumulated great wealth over the centures and millenia, and the capital of Quantium is perhaps the richest city in the world, especially in terms of magical treasures. The country itself was founded and named after the wizard-king Nex around six thousand years ago, and he ruled for roughly two thousand years with supreme power. During this time, the defining event in Nex's history was its war with its southern neighbor Geb, a devastating war of magic that raged for 1500 years. Though the war is long over, its effects can still be seen in the Mana Wastes that now separates the two countries, a blasted land of incredible magical pollution that has dampening and erratic effects on magic and creatures in the area.

Nex's culture is centered around Quantium, where the council of three and nine rules from the Bandeshar; the three remain static but the positions of the nine remain in flux and are heavily coveted. The city produces a large amount of magical items for trade, and its port is always busy. The city is renowed for the diversity and cosmopolitan nature of its populace, creatures that might be considered monsters elsewhere are welcome within the borders, so long as they act appropriately.



Major Characters

Minor Characters


Major Story Points

The party was originally employed by Master Varen Da'Shar to find an artifact known as the Heart of Valasta, which he seemed to have discovered knowledge about through very shady and vague means. While digging at the archaeological site, the party was approached by two knights who claimed to serve a mysterious figure, Argentus. They accused the party of being criminals, tried to search them, and then attacked the party seemingly randomly. After a difficult fight, one escaped via magic, and the party attempted to interrogate the other, but he would only mention a God Hunter Argentus. Afterwards the party found the Heart of Valasta, and headed towards Quantium.

On the way back they found the Spire of Nex, and spoke to several of the inhabitants there (and fought one), found some interesting information and narrowly avoided being stuck on another plane for awhile. When they returned to Quantium, and met with Varen, they were all attacked by another group of Knights of Argentus, though the law enforcement in Quantium quickly intervened and defeated the knights. Varen attempted to hire the party to break into part of the Bandeshar, the central government building of Quantium and Nex as a whole, but they turned him down, and pursued work with two of his acquantinces.

First, they met Gahn Zura and did some underwater patrolling, where they found some merfolk being controlled by some sort of fish people that were a mutated result of the miasmere, and discovered the merfolk were ultimately having their souls stolen. Though they slew the fish people immediately responsible, the merfolk told them there were a lot more inside the Miasmere, and the party urged Zura to make some sort of protection for them, which she said would take some time. In the meantime, they met with Luli Goto who told them Varen had just been killed in his office, but the party were kinda sick of him, and didn't bother to investigate.

With Luli, they went towards a ruin in the wastes outside Quantium. Along the way, they were chased by more of the Argentus people, three engaged the group in combat, but one stood back and observed the fight, when it turned bad for her group she seemed annoyed and teleported them away. After they solved the puzzle to enter the ruin, they entered what Luli suspected was a demiplane, inside they found massive glass tubes filled with a shadow substance mixed with pure magic. People inside the tubes spoke to them, and though most of the party ignored them after a time, Clementine spoke at length with one and later told the party she freed her father from the tube. Inside the depths of the ruin they found many constructs defending a giant sarcophagus, they repeatedly warned the party against opening it, but Luli was interested in potential treasure inside. After severing the arteries feeding into the sarcophagus Nex's Monstrosity was freed, a massive abomination, which ignored the party and lumbered towards the exit.

The Monstosity headed towards Quantium, and though it caused some chaos the mages were able to repel it. Luli returned to town first to make a case that the party was innocent and that freeing the Monstrosity was entirely a mistake and misunderstanding. However, when the party returned to Quantium and were brought in for questioning, they tried to pin all the blame on Luli. They were found guilty through Nex's not particularly fair legal system, and imprisoned. While waiting to be sentenced (and warned the sentence was going to be harsh), the party broke out of their cell but were caught at the edge of the prison. Facing even harsher punishment, they turned to a woman Ramia had previously contacted named Via Lethis who had assured them she could get their sentence commuted. And sure enough, a powerful councilor named Phaede arrived and in exchange for signing some magical contracts they were set free. The contracts, among other things, promised that they would aid Via Lethis for one month in Absalom.

In Absalom they met Via, and found her to be a pretty horrible person, and that her intention was to become a god by cheating the Test of the Starstone. She claimed to have found a backdoor into the test, and sent the party to investigate. Surveying the building for awhile, they just found an endless guard patrol, and so went in to detect magic on the building. Unfortunately this attracted the attention of a guard inside, who started aggresively questioning Ramia, when she was affected by a suggestion and Ramia was able to take her away and get a lot of useful information. The rest of the party, not knowing what happened, returned to Via who insisted on killing the guard. Which she did right in front of Ramia.

Ramia did learn from the guard that the building was a temple of Aroden, who she said had returned to life. They sought out their only other lead, an Aasimar man who had been seen entering the building, but finding him at a library he disappeared and the party was assaulted by a powerful Div, and they were forced to flee.