A Shattered Heart: The Shards of Fate

Session log

·         Session 1

o   Met Supreme General Isaac Sinclair; discussed assisting him with tracking down the pieces of an artifact he called the Shattered Heart, that he planned to use to recover his son whom he lost at the hands of the blue dragon, Araugauthos.  He wanted to test the party and sent them on a quest to aid the nearby town of Purskul deal with the undead that have been coming from their crypt.

o   Immediately upon leaving the highly protected Guard district, the party was delivered a missive inviting them to join Bartuc Reniff of house Yellow at the Platinum Baton later that evening.

o   After the party made its way across town to the scepter district, they decided to look around a bit at the different council member houses located there.

o   Once at the Platinum Baton the party made the acquaintance of Ganick Greymane, the owner and purveyor of the Baton. Whom had already receive instruction to provide the party with access to a room suitable for a private meeting with the General.

o   After a brief misunderstanding with one of the bouncers, the party met with the general and learned a bit more about who he is what his ultimate goals are surrounding the Shattered Heart (see above).  The topic of him becoming the next Namarch was briefly discussed but his uncertainty that anyone else could adequately command the military forces of Athkatla dominated the conversation.

o   Later that night the party met with Bartuc in the Baton who very quickly seemed to set the party on edge with his insinuation that he wanted them to betray the general and assist house Yellow in ascending to the seat of Namarch. A threat was made, a whisper was over heard and a stool was possessed’ all in attempt to discern more information about Bartuc and his intentions... all to little avail.

o   The next morning, upon rounding up everyone in the party and sharing a meager breakfast, the party was attacked by a half-orc and a few of his pirate cronies.  The party survived and discovered a handful of admission tickets to an illegal event knows simply as ‘The Pits’.  While rumors say that this event is a fabrication and that it has never actually taken place, similar rumors say that it is a place for glory and money to be won and wagered over the sport of life or death combat.

o   End Session 1 – Exp gained: 0.65

o   Total exp: 1.65

·         Session 2

o   Embarked on a journey across western Amn to investigate reports of undead from the crypt in Purskul.

§  Overcame a small band of orcs with a rather large leader that didn’t look fully orc

§  Defeated an Axebeak that was hunting them in the night

§  Arrived in Purskul earlier than expected due to taking the more dangerous route across the delta as opposed to sticking to the roads.

o   Discussed the matter of the crypt with the Mayor of Purskul, Mattias Duncan, who offered to pay them 20g each if they ventured there and dealt with whatever was causing the dead to walk.

o   Made fast friends with Brian(the local smith) and his wife, Diane Little of Purskul, and were invited to take shelter in their home in the rooms of their sons who had all left to join the Delta watch some years ago.

o   Investigated the Purskul Crypt and found some undead being controlled by a necromancer of some sort.  While fighting the necromancer, he fled and left his minions behind to fight.  A small amount of treasure was discovered by the party in the crypt in the sarcophagi that were already opened by the necromancer. The party agreed it was not a good idea to desecrate the other sarcophagi by opening them per the agreement they had made with the Mayor.

o   Returned to town and informed the townsfolk of their success and were paid for their work as well as generously offered some of their findings to Brian Little even though he could not afford to pay the party for them.

o   Decided to venture back to the crypt to see if they could track the path of the necromancer, only to fall too far behind and lose the trail due to an unfortunately, abrupt change in the weather.

o   The party made their way north to Crimmor where they may the librarian friend of Skrevik, Rodger Faust.  He suggested a trip to his father’s old home to bury the memory once and for all.  Skrevik instead found a note and a brooch asking him to keep the brooch as I belonged to his adopted father’s wife before she passed.  The party sought out some information on the necromancer in Crimmor only to come up with limited and unhelpful information.

o   End Session 2 – Exp gained: 0.55

o   Total exp: 2.2

·         Session 3

o   Upon returning from Purskul, the general gave the party the heart artifact and a sending stone to communicate with him, introduced them to Hakeem the Wall whom advised investigation into house yellow and red starting with the Diamond Loupe

o   Party went to the Diamond Loupe and awkwardly asked about Wendal and stumbled through a conversation with his employees

o   Visited Cedric to buy a buckler

o   Went to moonwell, had a drink with Arnok Red and inquired about his allegiance only to get very little info.  Followed to pits, and dealt with an ether trap before discovering a slot to use their invitations on to access the pits

o   Gathered info on red and yellow during the pits, and placed a few bets while depating the best way and morals of participating in the pit fights

o   Left the pits and stayed in motel 6 for the night, spent a few days acquiring some items and crafting while the party did some information gathering

o   Returned to general after time had passed only to find him battle worn.  He explained that it was a certain type of creature and revealed a doppelganger corpse to the party that seemed to have taken the place of a scholar associate he knew right here in the guard district.

o   Upon request of the general the party was asked to investigate the house of the scholar and see if they could discover anything.  During the investigation of the house, which was quite disgusting and obviously a doppelganger lair.  Through some searching by Tharock, a strange scroll was found and discovered that it had a strange enchantment on it.  Skrevik attempted to use the scroll and had his mind affected in some distorted way, the party, not knowing exactly what was happening, decided it best to subdue their comrade as it seemed like he was attempting to flee.

o   End Session 3 – Exp gained: 0.45

o   Total exp: 2.65

·         Session 4

o   The party returned to general Sinclair with Skrevik under the control of Julia due to him being in an unconscious state provided by the rest of the party.  The general easily opened the scroll and removed the compulsion from Skrevik after he explained more about the compulsion’s purpose and Elizabeth provided some healing. The General then gave the option to stay and investigate the council or journey in search of the possible location of a second piece of the shattered heart, based upon the research that his colleague had done, that he did not share with the party fully.

o   Party chose to get prepared for the journey to the south to investigate the possible piece of the artifact.

§  Journeyed south for 5 days and were ambushed by a River drake

§  Journeyed south for 7 more days and stopped at the Tendril’s Oak for a drink and restock on supplies.  Met Cotton that fat cat, King the owner of the Inn, Darnel the bard(singer of ballads), Luke the Steroid enhanced bouncer and Samuel, a priest of Lathander.

·         Samuel requested aid in delivering something to the head of his faith in Zazesspur, offering the party 200 gp up front for the trip plus an almost certain reward from his high priest upon delivery. 

§  The party debated whether to help the priest of Lathander and decided to watch & follow him and eventually possess him in order to discover what he was delivering but would not divulge to them. A Nacreous Gray Sphere Ioun Stone worth 10k gp.  During the possession, Julia gave the item to Elizabeth, effectively stealing the stone. While Skrevik did not seem to think this was an acceptable course of action and put up a small protest, the rest of the party seemed to agree that they were mislead into thinking that this item was not worth the value that Samuel and his high priest described it to them as and thus justified their actions in stealing it.

§  The next morning after stealing the item, Samuel had ample time to search through his belongings and confirm that the item was missing and alerted the other residents of the Inn that there was a thief in their midst.  After hearing his plight, Luke and Darnel agreed to assist Samuel in inquiring with the newcomer adventurers about the item.  When confronted, Elizabeth hid back in her room and transformed in the form of a fox and then proceeded to move toward Samuel, Luke warned the party to return the item and leave the Inn and there would be no harm and no foul…

o   End Session – Exp gained: 0.2

o   Total exp: 2.85

·         Session 5

o   The party took measures to amiably resolve the theft of the ioun stone an received some explanations about why Samuel kept the stone so secret and why it was so important to the people in his faith.

§  This did not sit well with a good portion of the party and insults and mockery of his faith ensued at which point he made it clear he did not want anything to do with the party.

§  Luke also mocked the party and openly offered beatings to anyone who wanted one.  Exchanging a final threat to Elizabeth which was scoffed at.

o   Left Tendril’s Oak Inn and headed south on the King’s road/Coastal Way

o   Fought a Giant Scorpion

o   Met Arilia the Friendly Satyr, who offered her friendship and informed the party of the recent death of her mate. 

§  She offered to trade her mate’s old magical backpack to them at a very high discount as it reminded her of him and she didn’t want to continue to possess it.  The party made an offer for the magic bag and Arilia accepted and in turn offered to hunt with them and share a camp for the night. 

§  After a successful hunt and meal, Arilia offered to use some of her Fey magic to lullaby the party in a way that would allow them to enjoy the fruits of their hunt for multiple days.

§  After the party agreed and both Arilia and the party began to fall asleep, Julia took control of Elizabeth’s body and threatened Arilia and scared her off due to her distrust of what she felt the Satyr’s intentions were.

o   Party discussed the merits/mishaps of Julia’s manipulation/effects of their encounters and came to a bit of an understanding, ending with Julia promising to avoid such issues in the future.

o   Fought a couple Bears, at first attempting to dissuade them from fighting then ultimately dispatching them

o   Restocked and sold the wagon in Riatavin

o   Kept the horses and made their way east towards the mountains.

§  Came across a Riverside Mill and noted a couple bodies on the ground and decided to investigate.

o   End Session – Exp gained: 0.5

o   Total exp: 3.35

·         Session 6

o   The party investigated the murder scene at the abandoned Riverside mill only to be attacked my murderous bandits the moment a party member could be singled out.

o   The party slew the bandits with no mercy and found some valuable items left behind from the works of the victims of the bandits as well as the bandits possessions.

§  These findings led the party to decide to back track and return to town, in Riatavin they sold their treasures and made some small purchases.

o   Back on the path towards the location of one of the pieces of the Shattered Heart, the party was attacked by an ogre and his two pet worgs, which were dispatched easily by the mind manipulations of Julia.

o   Arriving in the Thornwood, the party decided to trust in their geographical knowledge to lead them to the right location and after some effort in trudging through the underbrush, made their way directly to a ring of stones near the mouth of the River Minta, just what they were searching for.

o   Upon trespassing on the stone circle, the party was immediate set up on by a pair of undead that they recognized as shadows. Caution and effort proved successful as the party defeated the undead.

o   End Session – Exp gained 0.45

o   Total exp: 3.8

·         Session 7

o   After fighting the shadows and doing some testing of the stone circle, the holy symbol of Cyric appeared on the Menhir. A moment later Cyric himself seemed to appear before the party and threatened, “You were warned.” then tore Julia’s form from Elizabeth’s body and with a surreal ‘pop’ magic seemed to release from the menhir and it toppled over.  In front of the Menhir, now stood an elderly man who represented himself as Ovar.

o   After introductions and some speculation, it was determined that Ovar was imprisoned by cultists in the Menhir itself though his magic had drastically diminished from his telling of it.

o   Upon interacting with the Menhir, time itself seemed to swell into Ovar for a moment and centuries of knowledge flooded back to him as if he was in this time and was never imprisoned.  This also caused the Menhir to disintegrate leaving an easy way to access the tunnels below.

o   After resting in the Thornwood the party decided to enter the tunnels that seemed to be hidden beneath the Menhir.  Immediately obvious it was a hideout devoted to the god Mask the party was met with an odd door with no way to open it.  On closer inspection, old blood stains were found nearby and it was discovered a blood tithe was required to enter

o   The party explored the northern part of the passage first as it was hewn stone and the south passage was not and had an ominous thumping coming from it that resembled large footsteps.

o   The party found a statue of Haemar and fought a pair of Allips before discovering that they couldn’t proceed without a key.

o   The party then backtracked to the natural cavern and Skrevik snuck down into the area.  This unfortunately alerted the protector of this area and the party fought an defeated the Mask Golem

o   The party then explored the Golem Master’s quarters and found some components for making golems and a key

o   The party then continued through the thickening steam and mist and found some steam pools from which came a group of Steam Mephits that didn’t seem immediately to want to fight, until the dwarf called them ‘nasty, smelly fairies’

o   End Session – Exp gained 0.55

o   Total exp: 4.35

·         Session 8

o   After the dwarf unknowingly insulted the Mephits, the party fought a hard battle but was ultimately victorious and after some further investigation a small treasure horde was found that the mephitis had been pilphering.

o   With all tunnels in this area now explored, the party decided to return to the door they could not open and try the key, which worked opening the door to a frightful sight immediately on the other side.

o   The party was disoriented by the Crypt thing but thanks to some quick thinking on Ovar’s part, he was able to shunt the creature out of time for a short period to allow the party to regroup, and upon regaining their composure, Brutus, Elizabeth’s Courtier, hewed the creature down in a single devastating blow.

o   The next room seemed to be something called a Hall of Masks, a place where the devout and renowned of Mask are honored by putting their masks on display eternally.  The party found a couple masks of some magical nature and put them away for future use.

o   Upon venturing further into the complex, the party found a room with a beautiful mosaic of the sunset upon entering the room a Gloom Wraith came out of the mosaic and confronted the party.  The party was already on its toes and easily dispatched the undead creature before it could even react to their intrusion. Once the wraith dissipated, the room shined with daylight coming from the mosaic, cascading colors all about the room.

o   The party took inventory of their abilities and decided it best if they used the rest of the day to collect the valuables of this place and store them above ground and take the rest of the day to rest and recover.

o   After an uneventful night in the Thornwood, the party returned to the tunnels and went back to where they had left off.  In an effort to discover what the Mosaic might mean, one of the masks that the party found was put on an attuned to by Skrevik, immediately revealing an entity inside of the mask known as Cytheria.

o   Cytheria did not want anything but for Skrevik to prove his love to her and in an attempt to save his own life, he professed that he would cherish her and she relinquished his senses back to him.

o   Further into the complex, opening a storeroom door revealed an Ochre Jelly which was recognized and easily dispatched, revealing a ring and a silver staff that the jelly was not able to consume.

o   End Session – Exp gained 0.6

o   Total exp: 4.95

·         Session 9

o   From the storage area the party decided to first examine the area near the northern gate and determined they could bypass the trap within by using the most basic of Ovar’s teleportation skills.  The sparring room held a magical Quiver and an entrance to what may have once been a barracks for this complex.  It was at this time that the group discovered that the mirrors in this complex may have been used as portals to rooms in the very same complex that had simply been lost to time.

o   Heading north now, into an unknown dark tunnel, the darkness seemed to creep into their bodies and fatigue them the farther they went.  After reaching a dead end, the party decided to once again make use of Ovar’s teleportation magic and quickly remove themselves from the area.

o   Exploring further into the lower part of the complex the party discovered what was found to be the guild master’s quarters in a room that held four identical pillar each carved with a menagerie of masks upon them along with the most unique of all the mirrors found in this complex.  Connected to the Guild master’s quarters was a small shrine complex to Mask along with a statue of the god himself, prostrated on his knees with an inscription.

o   The party began to discuss where to go from here and made considerable effort to puzzle out the unknown secrets of this complex.  Using the statues & mirrors, they were able to successfully bounce a magical light from the shrine of Mask through the complex and into the northern hallway that was shrouded by darkness.  Thus washing away the magic that was effectively hiding the entrance to Haemar’s Crypt.

o   Having gained access to the crypt, the party now ventured forth into the Cavern of Fate.  Ominously watched over by two massive skulls that seemed to watch them without taking action, the group came to a chamber holding a dias topped with a large sarcophagus and an even more massive statue atop it, all seemingly created out of a substance known as boneclay, that can be cultivated by infusing magic into gravesites causing the bones to turn to a clay that once shaped using water, rehardens stronger than steel.  The side of the sarcophagus had an inscription chiseled into it.

I am not represented by chaos, nor law.

I am part of that which is inevitable.

I am the beginning of the end, and the end of that which was before.

o   After some poking about the party discovered that the statue was a guardian of sort when it struck out at the party as they fumbled with the structure while searching it for clues.  First, Mina was struck and seemed to weather the blow well.  After this the party became wary but not wary enough.  Skrevik decided to again approach and investigate and was nearly cleaved in twain by the guardian’s well placed axe swing.  Fortunately, the healing talents and the hand of fate were able to keep Skrevik from joining his adopted father.

o   After some time, the old man Ovar tottered up to the statue and boldly stated the letter “E” aloud.  To which the same letters in the word ‘INEVITABLE’ began to glow with light.

o   At this point, the others in the party began again to experiment with what to do  until they finally discovered that speaking the letter aloud and then pressing both of the lit letters at the same time, released a mechanism that drained the water from a well in the room nearby and thrust out a pillar with a familiar looking kind of magical stone piece neatly displayed on it.  Menander grasped the stone and they discussed what it may be.  Landing on new knowledge of Tyr and his missing parts, they summed up that this must be Tyr’s thumb and that the parts they were seeking must be part of the Artifact known as Tyr’s Redemption and this must be why Sinclair wants to recover it so badly.

o   Some further exploration showed that the well led down to the source of the River Minta in caverns deep below.  As well as the fact that there may be another entrance to the Cavern of Fate, but the door was not accessible to the party in any method they could discern.

o   Upon returning to the Hall of Masks, the party began to clean up the remainder of the mirrors for loot, and when they removed the mirror that was holding the focus of the beam of light from the statue of mask, an audible crack of magical discharge could be heard from farther down the northern hall.  After some discussion, water began to flood the complex, slowly, but surely.  The party took this as their signal to make haste and leave the complex.

o   Once back on the surface, the party began to fashion a sled to carry back the considerable bulk of their treasure.  After a day or so, the sled was nearing completion when they party was attacked out of nowhere by a Putrefied version of what they determined was a Grey Render.  After some researching and discussion, it was determined that it would take a somewhat powerful wielder of nature magic to be corrupted and want to blight the land for such an abomination of a magical beast to exist.

o   Ovar recollected that the cultists he was pursuing when he came to this Menhir in his timeline were rumored to be in league with a Ranger that fit the description of a nature dweller that would commit such putrefaction as what befell the Render they fought.  After some debate and an almost unanimous vote, the party decided to attempt to track down the cause of this putrefaction as it was the right thing to do.

o   End Session – Exp gained 0.55

o   Total exp: 5.5

·         Session 10

o   The party decided to follow the recollection of Ovar to try and revisit a location Ovar was aware of. That of a massive tree to the Northwest.

o   As the party neared the location of the tree, not only did they discover that over time the petrified tree had fallen, but that the area near it was now the home of a giant bee’s nest. 

o   With multiple hives emerging from the ground, the party decided to keep their distance and make their way to the fallen tree by giving the bees a wide and respectful berth.

o   Upon making it to the tree, they deduced that they were on the right path after discovering a patch of blighted ground and a few sets of booted humanoid footprints.

o   Tharock was able to follow the footprints with some ease but the party was attacked by a pack of Dire Hyenas in the night along their journey towards the mountains where the footprints led.

o   Once reaching the mountains, some further effort was given to following the tracks and a somewhat well-hidden approach was discovered with a massive energized magical Gate being sustained via some magic statues on either side of a chasm that led down to ground that was spell blighted by the spell plague itself.

o   While approaching the statues the party cast some magic and immediately were set upon by a putrefied Remorhaz, which they were able to fight off at the cost of a few weapons.

o   After the fight some research and experimentation were done and the party discovered that the Gate could be activated but didn’t fully understand how to control its magic.  First opening it to Nessus, the deepest of the hells and sending one of Elizabeth’s courtesans in to investigate, where he was quickly dismissed from that plane.

o   Next the party decided to communicate with Sinclair about the presence of the portal and discovered that when they last communicated with him, he did not get their message for some reason and thus did not yet know that they had recovered the artifact piece.  Once he heard this news, he requested that they return to Athkatla immediately… leaving the party torn between further investigating the putrefaction and following orders from the General to return home.

o   End Session – Exp gained 0.55

o   Total exp: 6.05

·         Session 11

o   The party decided it was best to return to the spot where they had stowed their loot and then return to the portal location and attempt to travel through to shorten their journey.

o   When they arrived back at the portal after gathering their plunder, they noticed and were able to successfully sneak up on a pair of putrefied ettins that were dispatched somewhat easily.

o   The party decided to have Elizabeth attempt to use the portal this time and then send her courtier through to investigate.  After a few moments, Richter was resummoned and revealed the had arrived in Athkatla in the courtyard of the Tower of the Aegis just as planned. 

o   After traversing the portal, they discovered a couple pieces of information about it. 1) it seemed to be one way unless someone on the destination end was aware of its presence and made effort to keep it open, though the method of how to do this was not discovered. 2) That the travel through what they now knew was called a ‘wormhole’ pushed them ahead in time, about 36 hours in this particular usage of it. 3) Magics such as this were created by Ao the overbeing in order to allow deities and demigods to move across great distances without detection a short time after the spell plague happened.

o   The party took some time to meet with Sinclair who was less than helpful but appreciative to hear their progress.  Also revealing to them that his colleagues had been successful in their research and think they may have discovered the location of another piece of the Shattered Heart.  Last guarded by Kezef the Chaos hound. The same primordial that had bitten off Tyr’s right hand after he was deceived by Tyr and Mystra.  Kezef was freed by Cyric and caused a volcano in the Crags of Neverwinter Wood to erupt as he came through it to the Prime plane.  Little is known what happened to Kezef after he was freed other than he sought revenge on Mask until Mask acquired a legendary blade called Houndsbane from Mystra and successfully sacrificed his own divine power to his mother, Shar.

o   With this new information the party did some shopping and sought to gather some information on the true allegiances of some of the houses in Athkatla.  During their attempt at gathering knowledge, Ovar struggled with staying on task and was causing some concern amongst the other party members.  Upon discovering that Ovar was causing this issue, Elizabeth blasted him with fire, severely injuring him and causing the rest of the party to come to his defense, Menander even threatening Elizabeth with a thorough check-clapping.  Elizabeth summoned Brutus who quickly put both Tharock and Menander on their backsides.

o   End Session – Exp gained 0.30

o   Total exp: 6.35

·         Session 12

o   Attempting to avoid confrontation that may draw the ire of the Delta Watch, Ovar teleported Menander, Tharock and himself a good distance away.  Both groups of the party decided it best to avoid the eyes of the guards for a while and lay low while everyone sorted out their feelings.

o   Upon returning to the low budget Inn they have been calling home while in Athkatla, the group agreed to a early evening and to sort out the strife within the party after everyone had a good night’s rest.

o   The next morning, the group convened and apologies and clarifications were exchanged, with a few reasonable asks passed around for the party to acknowledge that they should seek help.  It was agreed upon that the Temple of Torm would be an acceptable choice and the party ventured to seek said assistance.

o   At the Guards District temple of Torm, the party met up with an ex-adventurer, now high priest of Torm known as Jakob, the redeemed.  After some discussion and deliberation, Jakob referred the party to gain the aid of his colleagues, Holvard and Hellen, twins who held great knowledge of both healing and foresight. After allowing the twins to inspect them and some cryptic revelations the party decided they no longer required anything from the twins and departed the temple.

o   All was well and the group was beginning to discuss their next course of action when Menander received a sending from Sinclair requesting they come to the Tower of the Aegis immediately.

o   Upon arriving at the Tower, Skrevik chose once again to stay outside causing Ovar to question why.  Only to be kindly requested to mind his own business by Skrevik.

o   Sinclair informed the party that Riatavin had sent for aid from Athkatla due to a uprising surrounding some form of blighted creatures that had attacked the city.  The blight itself manifesting as a disease that spread rapidly amongst the humanoids of the city.  The Psy-priestess nobles of Riatavin agreed to provide the party with light riding horses to allow for investigation.  Asking that the party attempt to find the source and core of the blight and putrefaction while the protectors of the city continued to fight against any further incursions against the city itself.

o   The party headed out to investigate the assumed epicenter of the putrefaction, the massive giant bee hive/nests near the old fallen Great Tree.  They discovered a significant increase in the putrefaction in areas near water and that the areas that seemed small and sparce just 6 days ago, were now large and much more frequent.

o   Upon arriving at the presumed location, the party cautiously approached the hives after discovering that some of them had been destroyed.  While on cautious approach, Richter unknowingly interacted with some of the blight and cause the putrefied bees to signal an alarm.

o   A battle ensued in which a blighted ranger of sorts fired arrows and called commands to the other blighted foes from the perch of the fallen Great Tree.  After seeing his putrefied minions begin to falter, the Blightmaster called to a creature the group identified as a Duke of Detritus that had been borne of the hive queen through a ritual of blight.

o   End Session – exp gained 0.20

o   Total exp: 6.55

·         Session 13

o   The party continued to battle the Blightmaster and his minions, eventually dispatching the Duke of Detritus in a violent explosion, narrowly avoided by quick thinking on the part of Ovar.  Moving people as far away from the epicenter of the blast and preventing server injuries.

o   Next the party turned its focus on the Blightmaster’s allies, the blighted evoker and a war priest of Bane.  Soon after their defeat, Elizabeth’s courtier, Brutus once again proved his mettle and struck a decisive and fatal blow to the Blightmaster himself, bringing his plague of the land to an end.

o   Post battle the party discovered that the disease that they had contracted through interactions with the blight seemed to wash away after the death of the Blightmaster.  Along with the blighted land and waterways as they journeyed back to Riatavin.

o   It was also discovered that the plague of sorts that had been devastating the city’s occupants had miraculously dissipated, assumed to be linked to the blight and its source, the Blightmaster, the party sought the psi-priestesses and confirmed that they had completed the task they set out to complete. The psi-priestesses, grateful for the news, asked if the party would persist to aid in clean up and aftermath of the blight’s impact on Riatavin.  The party seemed to agree that this was not their task to undertake and declined to help Riatavin any further.

o   Skrevik made it clear that he would not be staying in the city due to the discomfort Cytheria was feeling from the pressure of having to constantly defend herself from mental intrusions upon her existence.  He chose to stay just outside the city walls in order to please her. In the morning, Menander was contacted via sending by the general who seemed short and curt in his order to complete the reconnaissance of the aftermath of Riatavin and return to Athkatla immediately. 

o   The party split up and quickly did some trading and finished the efforts on gathering the information requested by the general and then went to meet Skrevik outside the city walls and filled him in on the need to quickly return to Athkatla, there was a discussion about how to best travel and ways to quickly return and possibly use the wormhole in the future if needed.  The topic of not wanting to bring Cytheria into the Tower of the Aegis in the past was briefly glossed over and dismissed by Skrevik stating that he no longer needed to hide Cytheria from the general as the psionic officials of Riatavin had already communicated their thoughts on the matter to him.

o   Upon returning to Athkatla, the general seemed displeased with the party due to him recently being given information about Elizabeth’s practice of sacrificing her still living opponents and offering their souls to Bane in exchange for the freedom of her people’s souls.  He also expressed his distaste in the party’s failure to follow up with Riatavin in the post blight clean up and recovery of the city. As well as, their seeming prioritization of pursuing the artifact known as the Shattered Heart over the aid that Riativan had requested, accusing the party of refusing to follow his orders, even though they all acknowledged and agreed to his request to never put his personal interests above that of Amn.  Elizabeth took a position of defiance, offering no compromise on her stance on her quest to save her people’s souls.  The general scoffed at her devotion to a cause and promise to such an obviously evil deity and his false promises and scorned her that she had likely done more harm in making a deal with Bane than she could ever hope to restore, going as far as mocking her juvenile notions and regal arrogance in the face of such a manipulative figure of evil and deception.  The general then dismissed the entire party and told them he no longer required their presence and that he would summon them when he required their presence again.

o   End Session – exp gained 0.60

o   Total exp: 7.15