Epic Rules

An epic character is one who has achieved level 21 or higher in any combination of classes. Once a character has reached level 21 they qualify for epic feats and cease to progress in the fashion they have previously. At 21st level and beyond, their base attack bonuses and saving throw bonuses are no longer class-dependent. They also cease to gain new class abilities if their class level is higher than 21, but some of their class abilities continue to progress.

Epic Base Advancement

Epic Attack Bonus: Rather than continuing to gain an additional base attack bonus at a rate based on their class, characters of 21st level and higher gain an epic bonus to their attack rolls, CMB, and CMD. This bonus is +1 at level 21 and increases by an additional +1 for every 2 levels. This bonus stacks with all other bonuses to attack, CMB, and CMD and is included as part of your base attack bonus when calculating the effects of abilities that rely on your BAB or for the purposes of qualifying for feats. Despite this, you never gain additional attacks from an epic attack bonus.

Epic Save Bonus: As with attack bonuses, characters of 21 st level and higher gain an epic bonus to all three of their saving throws. This bonus is +1 at level 22 and increases by an additional +1 for every 2 levels. This bonus stacks with all other bonuses to saving throws.

Skill Ranks: The maximum number of ranks that can be invested in a skill remains equal to your character level, even at epic levels. Epic level characters may find Epic Skills to be of great use.

Character Feats: You continue to gain character feats every odd-numbered level. However, starting at 21st level you can select epic feats. They can be used to select any epic feat you qualify for. They can also be used to select non-epic feats if you wish. If you advance a class beyond 21st level you gain additional class bonus feats, these can be used to select epic feats you qualify for from certain lists.

Ability Score Increases: Your ability scores continue to increase as normal. You gain +1 to one ability score of your choice every four levels.

Epic Class Advancement

Once you have reached character level 21 you can progress any base class past level 20 or any prestige class that has 10 levels past 10. Prestige classes with less than 10 levels do not qualify for epic advancement without DM permission as they have less of a regular progression of class features.

To determine the epic advancement for your class, use the guidelines below. Because each class is different, some of these may not fit, and your class may require special rules to function properly. Work with your DM to determine the specifics of your class. Here are sample epic progressions.

Basic Rules: Hit dice and hit points accrue as normal, skill points per level are the same and max skill points equal your character level. Favored class bonuses continue to apply and function as normal, including alternate ones.

Epic Bonuses: BAB and saves instead use the epic bonuses from above rather than the class's normal progression.

Level Dependent Benefits: Any benefit that uses class level as part of a mathematical progression continues as normal. This includes things like ki pool, ability save DCs, and uses per day of certain abilities. Even if the ability says it has a maximum, it will still usually increase beyond level 20.

Caster Level: Your caster level, initiator level, manifester level, or similar functions continues to progress at the normal rate.

Spell Slots and Power Points: Your spell slots and power points continue to progresss at a reduced rate as seen here. Characters do not gain additional spells/powers known, but may continue to augment or apply metamagics to use higher level versions. In addition, you may research epic level powers or spells that follow special guidelines.

Companions: Animal companions, familiars, eidolons, and the like continue to progress at the same rate as before as seen here.

Class Features: Any class feature that accrues at a regular rate such as bomb damage or sneak attack damage continues to progress as before. Other class features such as a Bloodrager's rage do not progess, but may be modified by epic feats. You do not gain any additional class features past 20th, and instead gain bonus feats.

Epic Bonus Feats: Every class beyond 20th level and prestige class beyond 10th gains bonus epic feats at a certain rate. The rate depends on the other class features that the class continues to progress, the more class features the slower the rate. Classes that gain pseudo-feats such as rogue talents or alchemist discoveries cease to gain those at epic levels, but can select such features with their bonus feats. Unlike normal epic feats, these bonus feats can only be spent on epic feats from certain lists that depend on their class, such as spellcasters gaining epic metamagic feats.

Epic Feats

Epic feats are the primary form of advancement beyond level 20. A complete list of epic feats can be found here.