Dark Souls

The Setting

You are undead, a person who can not die and rises from the grave over and over again. You've been banished to one of many prisons created to deal with the growing population of undead in the world. You can be from any of the lands of the world, and worship any or none of the gods.

The Undead Condition

You are a type of undead called a hollow. In most respects you still appear as a normal member of your race, but somewhere on your body is the brand of the dark sign. When you die, you return to life; so long as you have some element of your humanity remaining, you retain your mind, but should you run out of humanity you become a feral creature. Qualities of a hollow:

Special Rules



The Story So Far

Session 1

The undead found themselves in a prison, the guards having disappeared. Darius teleported everyone out of their cells, but they were stopped by a locked door. After hearing sounds of battle outside, a knight named Arthur showed up on the roof and dropped the undead a key, asking them to find his brother Oscar. They left the cell block and found a bonfire, and shortly after a mortally wounded Oscar. Oscar gave them each an Estus Flask and asked them to ring the Bell of Awakening, journey to the city of the gods, and put an end to the undead curse. When attempting to leave the prison through the church, they encountered a massive demon guarding the place. A battle ensued, and another undead joined the fight having been set free separately, and they defeated the demon. Before leaving the prison they defeated some undead guarding a cache of weapons, and then set off for Lordran, the land of the gods. 100% experience gained, level 2.0.

Session 2

The undead made it to Lordran, where they found a strong bonfire on a rocky outcropping, tended by an imprisoned woman who they identified as a Firekeeper. They also met a depressed man who told them a little about the place, how it had been overrun by undead, and that they Bell of Awakening they were seeking was in the city up the mountain above them. Near the bonfire was also an undead cleric of the Way of White who said he was on a holy mission, and was waiting for someone. After trading with the cleric, they headed up to the city above. They teleported up to the walls and then climbed down, where they encountered some hollows who attacked them. After defeating them, they found an undead merchant named Terrence. Heading north, and fighting some more hollows, they also saw a Black Knight but decided not to mess with it. Finally, near a massive tower leading to the upper part of the city they found a bonfire and rested. 41% experience gained, level 2.41.

Session 3

After resting, the undead traveled to the tower, and outside it ran into Arthur, the man who freed them from prison. He said a powerful enemy was guarding the path to the upper level, and offered to help, which they accepted. Inside the tower, they found a barred door leading down, and so headed up, where they encountered a powerful demon on the bridge. Although the battle was difficult, they defeated the demon and Arthur headed back to Firelink Shrine to rest. The undead pressed onward, finding a cache of bodies and items the demon had collected, and after that headed up the switchbacks to the upper part of Greywold. Two archers at the top opened fire, but after some teleportation magic they were dealt with. Another hollow with a greatsword attempted to chase down the undead, but after being knocked off a cliff she was defeated with easily. 63% experience gained, level 3.04.

Session 4

In the upper part of Greywold, the undead found a warrior named Solaire who seemed infatuated with the sun. He taught the undead how to make bonfires of their own. Afterwards, a group of ghouls attacked the undead, and Solaire aided them in defeating the ghouls. The undead rested, and Solaire left when the sun came up. After resting the undead came upon a woman hiding inside a barracks, they were friendly with her at first, but she warned them not to come inside as hollows would attack them. Ignoring her warning, they fought the hollows and Inwaer nearly killed the defenseless woman. In the east of the upper city they met a blacksmith who claimed to be able to craft powerful weapons and armor. The undead then made it up to the cathedral at the top of the city, inside they found several hollows and a priest, who they defeated. 39% experience gained, level 3.43.

Session 5

Inside the cathedral they fought a knight from Berenike who was guarding a firekeeper soul, which they later used to upgrade an estus flask. Upstairs they found a halfling named Lautrec who was imprisoned, they released him and he offered a reward now or later, they took the immediate reward and he agreed to help them fight the creatures guarding the Bell of Awakening. On the cathedral rooftop, they encountered several dangerous firebreathing gargoyles. The fight proved extremely difficult and two of the undead died (temporarily), but the rest prevailed. After the fight, Lautrec warned the undead that they might meet again as enemies, and so Inwaer killed him, but as a hollow he did not die permanently. They returned to Firelink Shrine and found a giant serpent there named Kingseeker Frampt, who urged them to go to the Dark Reaches to find an emblem that would let them into Anor Londo. 55% experience gained, level 3.98.

Session 6

The undead headed down below Firelink, and were immediately ambushed by some goblins. They had great difficulty fighting them in the darkness, but eventually prevailed, though one goblin escaped. Searching the area, they found a home inside a cave, where they met a dark elf named Rickert, who offered to sell them spell components, arcane items, and various other powerful items. Heading north to the Dark Reaches, they encountered an Ascended knight who warned them not to go to the city of New Londo, as it had been consumed by the abyss. Heeding his warning, and not really needing to go there, they headed west into the Dark Reaches, where they fought some gray oozes. Making it to the main cavern, they were attacked by some Dark Folk who were easily dispatched, and shortly thereafter they spotted what looked like a mage gesturing to them to come closer, before he was slain by a large beastly woman. 39% experience gained, level 4.37.

Session 7

The undead were spotted approaching by the female ogres, who attacked them. The undead slew them pretty easily, and freed their captive, a mage named Griggs. He said he was looking for his master, a powerful mage named Logan who could be identified by his distinctive large hat. He also told the undead the emblem they were looking for was probably held by one of the corrupted children of the Witch of Izalith, who could be found nearby. The undead first decided to explore the rest of the cavern, where they ran into a large alligator-like creature, which ate Darius. Heading back to Firelink to recover Darius, they also went to do some shopping, and on the return, found the Firekeeper had been slain. They asked Frampt, and he said a small man used some magic to slay her. Also a holy woman and two guards were over by Petrus, who said they were on a holy mission. Returning to the cavern, on the far side they found the rest of the Dark Folk, who attacked but ran away after some were slain. 41% experience gained, level 4.78.

Session 8

Deeper in the Dark Reaches, the undead entered a cavern with a woman who was half spider half ascended. She attacked them, saying they had come to kill her and her sister. The fight was long, but she was defeated, and the undead moved into the next cavern where they found her sister. She appeared the same, but was blind and very ill. She said she had been using her life force to protect the people of the Dark Reaches from the chaos magic below. She provided the undead the emblem they needed to get into Anor Londo, and asked them for some humanity in exchange for various boons. Making their way back to Firelink, they found the place nearly deserted, then they headed down into Darkroot Valley below towards Anor Londo. In the valley they were attacked by several plant creatures, but they were no threat. 45% experience gained, level 5.23.

Session 9

Heading further into the valley, the undead encountered several large cat-like creatures which attacked them viciously. The fight was difficult, and midway through a massive Ancient Hydra begin to assault them from a distance with water attacks. The undead were forced to flee. After returning to Greywold to pick up a dead Mujin, they decided to find several other undead for Ezra to take control of. 13% experience gained, level 5.36.