Class Adjustments

This is a list of adjustments being made to 3.5 and Pathfinder base classes. Mostly these are to provide small buffs to these classes to bring them more in line with the other tier 3 ones. In addition to these, every 3.5 class needs its skill list changed to the Pathfinder one, but this is quick and easy.

Pathfinder Classes

Aegis: Cannibalize Suit does not dismiss your astral suit. Perfect Merger allows the astral suit to function in an antimagic field/null psionics field as well, though any non-passive abilities are still suppressed (such as ranged attack or harness power stone).

Akashic System and Classes

Bloodrager: At 4th level upon entering a bloodrage, the bloodrager can apply the effects a bloodrager spell he knows of 1st level or lower to himself. The spell must have a range of touch or personal. If the spell's duration is greater than 1 round, it instead lasts for the duration of the bloodrage. This use consumes a bloodrager spell slot, as if he had cast the spell; he must have the spell slot available to take advantage of this effect. Use these altered bloodlines.

Dread: Move Shadow Twin and Twin Fear to level 5. Gain a bonus feat at 15.

FFd20 Classes

Kineticist: At the end of any combat encounter or other encounter of significant danger you heal half your burn (rounded up). Abilities that last until burn is removed instead last 24 hours or until you complete a rest. Internal Buffer is instead a free action that reduces all your burn costs the round you use it by 1, usable once per day at 6th, two times at 11th, and three times at 16th. When using Gather Power as a full round action you double all the bonuses from your Defense Wild Talent(s) until the start of your next turn, without the normal limits. Searing Flesh gives resistance to elemental damage equal to the base damage it does. Infusions work with any simple or composite blast of the associated elements. Extra Wild Talent feat allows any wild talent up to your maximum level. You can use Kineticist options from here, but not Legendary Kineticist.

Magus: At 10th level the Magus may use their caster level (not counting items or temporary bonuses) in place of their BAB for feat prerequisites.

Marksman: Gain an additional power known at 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20. Wind Reader is an insight bonus and can be used with their Style Mantra. They can also select from this Spheres of Might archetype.

Medium: Move Connection Channel to level 5, and Trance of Three to level 7. When using Trance of Three (or Astral Beacon) you gain half the Spirit Bonus of your secondary spirit. At 15th level Trance of Three grants the Greater Spirit Power of their secondary spirit. This change applies to archetype abilities that function similarly. Spirits no longer need to be bound at a favored location, but if you do so they gain +1 to their seance boon. Spirit Bonus starts at +2 at level one, but Spirit Focus feat does not exist.

Monk Unchained: Use the changes here.

Pactmaker: You can bind any spirit without completing the knowledge tasks, but completing them adds +2 to your binding check with that spirit.

Rogue Unchained: Use the changes here. You can convert Unchained Rogue to an Unchained Ninja by switching out the appropriate class features.

Sage: The Ki Blaster esoteric training no longer allows you to spend a ki point to increase the damage.

Soulknife: Gain Gifted Blade archetype without losing Psychic Strike, or the War Soul archetype without losing Psychic Strike (but War Souls do still lose their 4th and 10th level blade skills). You can still combine this with any archetype that loses Psychic Strike. Gifted Blade's power's known should be 1 at 3rd level, plus 1 every 2 levels thereafter.

Spheres of Might System and Classes

Spheres of Power System and Classes

Spiritualist: The Spiritualist can use Etheric Tether whenever the Phantom takes damage, not just when it would be returned to the Ethereal Plane. The Phantom can take up to -1/2 its max HP before returning to its home plane. At 5th level the phantom can be fully manifested as a full round action instead of one minute. Items, feats, and other effects that apply to an eidolon and could conceivably apply to a phantom are allowed to do so.

Summoner Unchained: The Summoner can use Life Link whenever the Eidolon takes damage, not just when it would be returned to its home plane. The Eidolon can take up to -1/2 its max HP before returning to its home plane. Master Summoner archetype is banned.

Time Mage: The daze from Celerity spells can not be prevented or removed in any way.

Vigilante: You gain 1 archetype for free, without losing any class features. This can be combined with other archetypes, including ones that would replace the same features, but if you gain the same or similar features from two different archetypes you take the better of the two.

Vitalist: Guardian Vitalist gains Cushion the Blow for Swift Aid at 8. Mender archetype loses its 50% increased healing at level 11, but can instead remove one of the following temporary conditions on each target of a healing power: antagonized, bleed, blind, confused, cowering, dazed, dazzled, deaf, entangled, frightened, nauseated, panicked, shaken, sickened, staggered, stunned.

Vizier: Rather than investing essence for 24 hours when shaping veils for Eldritch Insight, the Vizier can bind essence at any point in the chosen item(s), which lasts until they next shape their veils.

Warpriest: At 3rd, 9th, and 15th level the Warpriest gains Weapon Training, at 9th and 15th level they can select an Advanced Weapon Training if appropriate in place of adding an additional weapon group.

Wilder: Student Wilder's enervation instead dazes them until the end of their next turn.

3.5 Classes

Any cantrips or similar abilities are usable at will.

Ardent: Increase skill points to 4+Int, add Sense Motive to list. For Substitute Powers ACF use only powers from Pathfinder. The Dominant Ideal cost reduction only applies once per manifestation.

Binder: Increase skill points to 4+Int, move extra vestiges to level 6, 10, 14 and swap with abilities at those levels if present. Change Zceryll alien to be permanent but only one at a time.

Crusader: Increase HD to d12, move stances to 3, 9, 15. Smite works like Pathfinder Paladin Smite, but without the alignment restrictions, and they gain an additional use at 10 and 14 as well.

Dread Necromancer:
Increase HD to d8. At 1st level, the Dread Necromancer gains the ability to channel negative energy as a cleric of their level 3+Cha mod times per day. They also gain the Command Undead feat. At 3rd level they gain Versatile Burst: The ability to channel energy to both damage living creatures and heal undead creatures within 5 feet of them in addition to the normal effects of channeling. This increases 5ft in radius every 5 levels after 3rd. This replaces rebuke undead and negative energy burst.

Duskblade: Starting at level 1, a Duskblade can perform somatic components while holding a weapon. At 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter a Duskblade gains an additional spell known from any arcane casting list. At 9th level a Duskblade can apply any metamagic feat to their spells without increasing the cast time. At 19th level a Duskblade reduces the total level adjustment of metamagic applied to their spells by 1, to a minimum adjustment of 0.

Factotum: Add Int mod to number of Inspiration Points to a maximum of your class level, disallow Font of Inspiration feat. Cunning Strike adds a number of sneak attack dice equal to 1/2 your level but does not stack with itself. Brains Over Brawn applies to CMB. Opportunistic Piety functions as Channel Energy (positive) but adds Int mod to damage/healing, and can not turn undead without the feat. Cunning Surge is limited to 1/round.

Psychic Rogue: Add a Rogue Talent at 3 and every 3 levels after. Move Danger Sense from 9 to 8.

Shadow Caster: Use fix here, Increase HD to d8, at 14 gain the ability to use a Fundamental as a swift action 3 times per day. Move level 20 Sustaining Shadow to 18, and at 20 you can convert two Apprentice mysteries to Ex abilities, two Initiate mysteries to Su, and two Master mysteries to Sp. Metashadow feats are useable 2/day per time you take them. You may select Mysteries from here and feats from here.

Shugenja: Sense Elements - At level 3 increases to 50ft/round and level, level 7 penetrates any barriers, level 11 increases to 100ft/round and level, level 13 reduce time to standard action/round, level 15 increases to 200ft/round and level, level 17 increases to 1000ft/round and level. At level 9 gain Greater Spell Focus with favored element. At level 19 gain +2 CL with favored element. At level 20 gain outsider type, immunity to favored element, and Regen 5 bypassed by their opposed element.

Swordsage: Move stance from 14 to 15. Add Quick to Act as dodge bonus to AC as well. Add Dual Boost 1/day at 10, 14, 18, 19, and 20. At 6 gain Discipline Focus(Weapon Focus) for a second discipline. They may recover maneuvers equal to their Wisdom modifier as a full-round action (minimum 2) or half that number as a standard action (minimum 1), when doing so they gain their Wisdom modifier to their next damage roll within Wis mod rounds..

Warblade: Allow any combat/fighter feat for bonus feats. The Warblade may use Martial Flexibility to change their weapon specific feats as a move action at any time instead of 1 hour. At 4th level the Warblade gains Maneuver Flexibility: The Warblade may, as a swift action, exchange one maneuver known and readied for a different maneuver of the same level, which becomes known and readied as if they had selected it when leveling. They must still meet all prerequisites. At 8th level and every 4 levels thereafter they may exchange an additional maneuver at the same time. At 10th level this ability becomes a free action, usable on their turn once per round. There is no other limit on this ability's use.

Warlock: Increase HD to d8, skill points to 4+Int, add Diplomacy and Stealth to class skills. Add one extra invocation known at 3, 7, 12, and 17. Eldritch Blast adds your Charisma bonus to its damage. Gain constant Arcane Sight at level 10 which becomes constant Greater Arcane Sight at 19. Fiendish Resilience gives fast healing 5 at level 8, 10 at level 13, and 20 at level 18. At 20th level the Warlock gains the ability to cast any Invocation as a swift action 3 times per day. Use this for list of invocations.